Specializing in all aspects of property conveyance and settlement services, George F. Pittadjis Law Firm offers an extensive array of services in this field, with expert knowledge of related legislation and in-house services that remain at the client’s disposal throughout the relevant processes. With an accumulated expertise in the transfer of legal title of property from one entity to another, and all steps in a conveyancing transaction, Pittadjis Law Firm offers services up to completion of the transaction.

Our services are fully designed to ensure that the buyer secures title to the property in question together with all the rights appertained to the property. Our clients should be rest assured that all necessary steps are being followed and thoroughly examined so as to acquire full ownership to the property. Our staff with the necessary expertise in the field of property conveyance carry out the required due diligence tasks to verify full title to ownership, ensuring confirmation of all information relating to the property and offering highly expert advice and detailed records of all issues in question.